João Pedro Brandão “Trama no Navio”

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“Leaving the auditorium, I was struck by the depth of the piece.”
Paul Aqcuaro in Free Jazz Collective.

“Brandão’s leadership and leadership, combined with the individual quality of the actors — Moreira, Carvalhais and Cavaleiro — results in a magnificent album of creative jazz, which can act as an accompaniment to the images of the revolt of the sailors, but it goes further. It’s a song that stands by itself own, a modern and live jazz with space for individual intervention, which opens up to improvisation and gains from this opening.”
***** Ipsilon, Público

“The result it´s astonishing, and overall, our understanding that this music was created for a film and a plot, very wisely gains life for itself, becoming a film to ear…”
*****Rui Eduardo Paes in

“Trama no Navio it´s a notable demo of technique, creativity, originality, vision and talent. It´s an epic suite, an ode to Art. simply brilliant…”
João Morado in

“Whirlwind of emotions
Free, dramatic, exciting”